A Professional ASP.NET Core API - MiniProfiler

MiniProfiler is a library and UI for profiling your application. By letting you see where your time is spent, which queries are run, and any other custom timings you want to add, MiniProfiler helps you debug issues and optimize performance.

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A Professional ASP.NET Core API - FluentValidation

FluentValidation is a A .NET library for building strongly-typed validation rules. It uses lambda expressions for building validation rules for your business objects.

If you want to do simple validation in asp.net mvc application then data annotations validation is good but in case if you want to implement complex validation then you need to use FluentValidation.

In the following we will see how it can be added to a project and how it works.

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A Professional ASP.NET Core API - Serilog

Serilog is an alternative logging implementation that plugs into ASP.NET Core. It supports the same structured logging APIs, and receives log events from the ASP.NET Core framework class libraries, but adds a stack of features that make it a more appealing choice for some kinds of apps and environments.

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A Professional ASP.NET Core API - Localization

Globalization and localization are two important concepts that you should be aware of to internationalize your applications. In essence, globalization and localization are concepts that help you reach a wider audience. The former relates to building applications that support various cultures and the latter relates to how you can build your application that can support a particular locale and culture. In other words, an application takes advantage of globalization to be able to cater to different languages based on user choice. Localization is adopted by the application to adapt the content of a website to various regions or cultures.

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A Professional ASP.NET Core API - Background Task

In ASP.NET Core, background tasks can be implemented as hosted services. A hosted service is a class with background task logic that implements the IHostedService interface. This topic provides three hosted service examples:

  • Background task that runs on a timer.
  • Hosted service that activates a scoped service. The scoped service can use dependency injection (DI).
  • Queued background tasks that run sequentially.
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A Professional ASP.NET Core API - Versioning

When developing APIs, you should keep one thing in mind: Change is inevitable. When your API has reached a point where you need to add more responsibilities, you should consider versioning your API. Hence you will need a versioning strategy.

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A Professional ASP.NET Core API - CORS

Browser security prevents a web page from making requests to a different domain than the one that served the web page. This restriction is called the same-origin policy. The same-origin policy prevents a malicious site from reading sensitive data from another site. Sometimes, you might want to allow other sites to make cross-origin requests to your app.

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